Carwash owner jailed after worker is electrocuted taking shower at Bethnal Green premises

Shut... Bubbles car wash [photo: Google]

Shut... Bubbles car wash [photo: Google] - Credit: Google

The owner of a carwash has been jailed for manslaughter after one of his staff was electrocuted while living in dilapidated conditions provided by the business under railway arches in London’s East End.

Shaip Nimani outside the Old Bailey [photo: Ed Willcox/Central]

Shaip Nimani outside the Old Bailey [photo: Ed Willcox/Central] - Credit: central news

Sandu Laurentiu died after taking a shower at the living accommodation set up by Shaip Nimani at Bubbles Carwash in the arches at Malcolm Place in Bethnal Green, under the Liverpool Street main line railway.

Sandu was living in the cramped, rat-infested conditions with five other men, all from Romania, who worked at the carwash next door.

The wash area was so dangerous that men told investigators they regularly got electric shocks while showering, but thought it was normal.

An ambulance was called to the carwash on August 19, 2015, when Mr Laurentiu collapsed in the shower. He was taken to the Royal London Hospital, but died later that evening.

Shut... Bubbles car wash [photo: Google]

Shut... Bubbles car wash [photo: Google] - Credit: Google

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The cramped living quarters wet and rat-infested and the mains electric meter had been bypassed to avoid paying for electricity used on the site, Health & Safety investigators discovered.

The run-down premises were badly wired and a fire risk with electric plugs overloaded and extension leads plugged into more extension leads. Fuses had been tampered with so they didn’t cut out when overloaded.

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The electrical installation to the shower had been constructed in such a manner that there was no earth connection and had not been appropriately maintained, investigators found. Unauthorised modifications had been made to the electrical mains supply equipment.

Nimani, 52, was jailed at the Old Bailey yesterday for four years and ordered to pay £20,000 to the Sandu’s family, after being convicted last Thursday of manslaughter.

An order was also made banning Niman, from Purley Avenue in Cricklewood, from becoming a company director for 10 years and to pay £20,000 costs.

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