Census results: Tower Hamlets has highest proportion of Muslims in UK

Islam is observed by a higher proportion of people in Tower Hamlets than in any other local authority in the UK.

The Census 2011 results showed that almost 88,000 people in the borough were Muslims, amounting to 34 per cent of the population, compared to 73,200 in 2001, which was 36 per cent of the population at that time.

Tower Hamlets has therefore retained its status as the local authority with the highest proportion of Muslims in the UK.

The results show that since 2001 Islam has overtaken Christianity as the most widely-observed religion in the borough.

In 2001, 78,000 people (39 per cent of the population) identified themselves as Christians, but that number has fallen to 68,808 (27 per cent) during the past decade.

This is in line with a general decline in the proportion of people in the borough who identify themselves as religious. In total, almost 88,000 (35 per cent) of the borough’s population said they were not religious or did not specify any religion.

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