Cerebal Palsy child given trike to enjoy with friends and family

A four-year-old boy with cerebal palsy has been given a specially-adapted tricycle to enable him to join in the fun with his friends and family.

Miles Balynas, from Cambridge Heath, was given the tricycle - worth �1,180 - by Caudwell Children, a national charity which aims to improve the lives of disabled children.

As well as promoting social inclusion with his older brother Lance, 9, as well as other children, Miles’ trike will help physical development. It was recommended by his occupational therapaist, and should improve his head control, strength and leg movement.

Miles’ mum, Risa Balynas, said: “He absolutely loves it. He feels like he is part of what’s going on around him. amd he enjoys the movement. Riding his bike allows him to do something that nearly every little boy does, and to be like his brother, which is fantastic.”

Miles has suffered from cerebal palsy since being deprived of Oxygen during birth.