Challenges remain for Olympics legacy for east London, says Commission

Challenges still remain for a sustainable legacy for east London after the summer Olympics—with just three months to go, according to a report today.

London has gone further than any previous Olympics, according to the Commission looking into the way the Games are being set up.

But there is a danger that “objectives may drift off-course,” says the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012.

“Opportunities to extend the legacy must be seized, not missed,” its report urges. “The future of the Olympic Park still highly depends on the commitment of the legacy agency.”

There are now chances to extend the regeneration along the Lower Lea Valley to revamp large tracts of run-down areas of the East End, it points out.

Commission Chair Shaun McCarthy said: “This is our opportunity to show the world that a lasting and sustainable legacy is achievable—a once-in-a-generation opportunity for East London.

“Previous Games have not always demonstrated a long-lasting legacy for communities or the economy of the host nation.”

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The Commission recommends that Seb Coe’s organising committee creates its own learning legacy that can be shared publicly before it is disbanded later this year.

This contrasts with findings only a month ago when organisers were criticised for lack of showing how they were achieving sustainable energy and waste management during the Games.

Now the Commission stresses that a permanent legacy can be achieved for the East End, an area it acknowledges where employment, life chances, urban quality and amenities are below the London average.

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