City Hall bid to shrink London’s ‘fuel’ poverty

Fuel poverty affects up to 760,000 Londoners, according to latest estimates by City Hall.

Now the London Assembly is to investigate what impact it has on health and what Boris Johnson should do to help eradicate the problem.

A public meeting is being held tomorrow (Wed) when its Health & Public Services committee looks into the scale and effects on family life.

Committee members will be questioning experts such as University College London’s Dr Jessica Allen, National Energy Action’s Rebecca Jones, Haringey Council’s fuel poverty officer John Mathers and Age UK campaigns manager Gordon Deuchars.

The 10am debate at City Hall, near Tower Bridge, is followed at 11.15am with a debate on violence against women, when the committee questions the Met Police Authority’s Domestic & Sexual Violence Board co-chair Valerie Brasse, Met Commander Simon Foy and the GLA’s Jain Lemom and Yeliz Osman.