City’s high pollution putting East Enders’ lives at risk, doctors warn

Health chiefs warning of the “very real problem” of air pollution in inner London today launched a scheme to urge businesses in the Square Mile to become greener.

Air quality in the City of London is the worst in the country and among the worst in Europe, impacting the health of those living in boroughs like Tower Hamlets which shares a border with the financial district.

Medics predict that 4,000 people die premature each year as a result of inhaling toxic fumes.

This latest drive by doctors comes after the smog warning issued by the government last month.

Recent studies have shown that emissions from taxis and delivery vehicles servicing firms in the Square Mile are largely to blame for the high pollution levels in the area.

The City of London Corporation, running the CityAir scheme, is pressing City companies to assess their employees’ transport needs and also the way they heat and cool buildings.

Dr Lesley Mountford, director of public health for NHS East London and the City branded the CityAir scheme “vital”.

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He added: “Poor air quality has a significant impact on the health of people in London, and particularly on the health of children.

“The poor air quality experienced in London before Easter should remind us that air pollution is still a very real problem in London.”