Clegg launches bad laws’ website from an East End library

NICK Clegg has launched the Government’s national campaign against bad laws from a public library in London’s East End.The Deputy PM was at Whitechapel to open a website where the public say what repressing legislation they want scrapped

By Mike Brooke

NICK Clegg has launched the Government's national campaign against bad laws from a public library in London's East End.

The Deputy Prime Minister was at Whitechapel's Ideas Store this morning to officially open the new website where the public can suggest what they see as repressing legislation and restrictive regulations.

"The debate is totally out of Government control now we have the ball rolling," he told a packed audience of almost 100 pressure groups and campaigners.

"Real democracy is 'unspun.' It is the raucous, unscripted debates that always throw up the best ideas."

He urged the public: "Be demanding about your liberty, be insistent about your rights. This is about your freedom and this is the chance to have your say."

The Freedomwebsite went live at 6am and already had 1,000 entries from all over Britain by the time he arrived in Whitechapel at 9am.

It asks the public about restoring civil liberties, such as which 'unnecessary' laws should be repealed, and about cutting business and charity red tape and.

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Among the invited audience of activists including lawyers were representatives from Liberty, the Electoral Reform Society, Open Democracy, UK Youth Parliament, Power 2010, Fawcett Society, CBI, Federation of Small Businesses, Citizen Foundation, Hansard Society and Shelter.