From the chamber: Stealth tax?

Oppostion Cllr Andrew Wood pusing for alternative choices on referendum ballot paper. Picrture: Mike

Cllr Andrew Wood outlines the council tax price increase - Credit: Mike Brooke

The Tower Hamlets Council portion of your council tax is going up by 4.99 per cent from April. This is despite inflation being only 0.6pc in November.

Council tax went up 3.99pc last year and 3.4pc the year before. But other fees and charges are also going up substantially as well. For example the cost of a replacement children’s Idea Store card is going up 10 pence from 60p to 70p or a 16.7pc increase, not 0.6pc, adults are up 20p.

The council has chosen to round up such charges, usually to the nearest 10p or £1, which results in the following overall percentage increases in Children and Culture of 2.2pc, Governance 0.9pc, Health, Adults & Community 7.2pc, Place (parking permits) 11pc and Resources (Idea stores) 11.2pc.