Rabina Khan: 'We need powers to hold housing associations accountable'

Dangerous structure... 22-storey Clare House in Bow being evacuated

Residents were forced to leave Clarion Housing's Clare House - Credit: Google

In our borough, we all know what a problem housing associations have become. The sudden announcement by Clarion Housing of the urgent need to evacuate Clare House tenants and leaseholders has caused a huge amount of distress to everyone.

This may be an unusual event but I think it does reflect the burden housing associations have become for the council, local councillors and residents.

I believe the core of this problem is that housing associations are so distanced from their core purpose - providing social housing - that they may have forgotten what it is. 

Cllr Rabina Khan is opposed to potential library closures.

Cllr Rabina Khan wants housing associations to be held accountable - Credit: Archant


I hear of repairs not being done properly, if at all. Every week I talk to tenants living in damp flats.

Councillors spend a significant amount of their time cleaning up the mess housing associations have caused.

There are over 45 housing associations in Tower Hamlets, managing tens of thousands of homes, yet as a local authority we have few powers to ensure they do their job.

Councillors of all parties in all London boroughs should demand the power to hold housing associations accountable.