Colourful bridge in place for Olympic Games

A splash of colour and a striking piece of architecture has been completed at the Olympic Park.

The central park footbridge which spans over the River Lea between the Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Centre, was unveiled by the Olympic Delivery Authority this week.

The bridge features two permanent footbridges linked by a central blade-like walkway, creating a stainless steel ‘Z’ shaped clad spanning the River Lea. The bridge features both permanent and temporary elements.

For the Games a multi-coloured temporary deck has been placed between the permanent spans of the bridge to increase the width, allowing it to carry increased spectator numbers. The deck has been covered with a multi-coloured rubber surface inspired by the London 2012 brand colours.

ODA director of Infrastructure and Utilities, Simon Wright, said: “With the main Olympic Park venues in place we are now seeing the completion of crucial new infrastructure to help stitch the site together and create an open and accessible new park for London.”

After the Games, the temporary bridge surface will be removed to create new links from the Olympic Park concourse level down to the river tow paths and Carpenters Lock —a 1930’s historic structure on the River Lea owned by British Waterways.