Columbia nursery goes all ‘arty’—and that’s not just face-painting

Mums and dads had a field day making bids for arts of work at their children’s annual summer fete.

But the kids had more important things to do at Bethnal Green’s Columbia Market nursery last Thursday.

They were busy making sure it was a fun day with children’s games, face-painting and eating lots of home-made cake.

The fair included an exhibition and silent auction of work from some of East London’s artists.

It had work by world-renown print-maker David Noonan, who is currently exhibiting at the British Art Show.

Other artists contributing pieces were painter Tim Braden, photographers Polly Braden and Melinda Thompson and sculptor Duncan Mude.

Parents and visitors got the chance to acquire works by offering sealed bids, with the highest bid winning. Every penny raised at the fete including the art auction is going towards supporting the nursery school in Columbia Road.