Comedian has a word with farm animals ahead of charity event

Comedian Paul Foot has been consulting the sheep on an East End farm before embarking on a fundraising event to build the world’s biggest puzzle.

The 37-year-old comedian is still looking for volunteers to help him put together the 32,256 pieces puzzle at Stepney City Farm this weekend. All profits will go the farm in Stepney Way.

Paul told the Advertiser: “We will piece the puzzle together in different animal enclosures depending on the weather. I don’t think the sheep will mind, they’ll probably just prod us if they want some food. We might do some of it by the rabbits but they are not as cuddly as I thought they would be, they will probably just run into their hutch.”

But Paul said they would have to stay clear of the farms’ donkeys and bull. “The donkeys would knock the puzzle over, they are wild in their attitude and the bull would go on a rampage.”

Paul said he bought the puzzle after coming across it at a garden centre. It was not until later when he looked it up on the internet that he realized it is one of only 250 versions of the world’s biggest puzzle. The graffiti pop art puzzle has 32 images by American artist Keith Haring and measures more than five metres long by two metres wide.

Paul said the farm got in contact with him after he suggested on a radio show and on social network Twitter that he was interested in using it to raise money for charity.

Paul’s cult following of fans are expected to flock to the farm so people are urged to apply for tickets soon to avoid disappointment. Numbers will be limited to 200 on each day.

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The event is from 10am to dusk this Saturday and Sunday includes a barbecue.

Text JIGS11 �5 to 70070 for one person to attend Saturday or Sunday; JIGS11 �10 for one person to attend both days or for two people to attend one day or JIGS11 �20 for two people to attend both days and so on.