Company boss fears fire hazard from rubbish dump near A12 Blackwall Tunnel

Company boss Alfred Gibbons is fed up with the bin men he says haven’t been collecting the rubbish outside his East London glass merchants business near the A12 Blackwall Tunnel.

It’s been piling up 10ft high and stretching 40 yards along the pavement—but Tower Hamlets’ cleansing department hadn’t managed to clear it away by yesterday, after weeks of phone-calls by Alfred to the Town Hall.

He fears the ‘garbage mountain’ along Ailsa Street in Bromley-by-Bow, is a fire hazard.

“Flames could spread to my factory if it caught light,” he told the East London Advertiser.

“The mountain of rubbish has been getting bigger every day. We’re getting rats and other vermin and old furniture and tyres are now being dumped on it.”

The council was aware of unauthorised and illegal dumping and has begun removing it, the Advertiser was told.

A Town Hall spokesman admitted: “It’s going to take more than one lorry load to shift this lot.”

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The council is looking at ways to prevent further dumping or fly tipping which has plagued the area in the past and “identify those responsible”. Measures could include CCTV.