Construction company appointed to transform Olympic Park in Stratford after 2012 Games

Construction company BAM Nuttall has been appointed to ‘stich’ the Olympic Park together with the surrounding community after this summer’s Games.

The company will help transform the Queen Elizabeth Park Olympic Park in what will be one of Europe’s largest construction projects worth �76million.

The park will be connected with new roads, cycle and pedestrian paths, bridges and parklands. Temporary 2012 venues will be taken down while permanent venues will be completed.

Around 500 temporary jobs will be created with at least 20 per cent going to residents in the host boroughs. Training and apprenticeships are also on offer.

The work is expected to take up to 18 months, although the Olympic Park Legacy Company, overseeing the park, will open sections of the park to the public in phases from summer 2013. Chief Executive of the Olympic Park Legacy Company, Andrew Altman, said: “We will create an accessible place with public venues, open spaces and connections that reach out to our surrounding communities and entice visitors.”

The new phase of work is being called ‘Clear, Connect, Complete’ and will be funded out of the �292m set aside in the Olympic budget.