Controlled explosion at Canary Wharf leaves residents baffled

Residents got a rude awakening last night after an explosion on the banks of the Thames was heard across the East End.

Confused locals took to social networking site Twitter after a loud bang at around 11pm near Canary Wharf – but were soon reassured the noise was from a controlled explosion of an old wartime shell discovered on the shores of the river.

Police confirmed they carried out the operation near Amsterdam Road on the Isle of Dogs with no issues. It was completed at night to coincide with low tide.

As confusion reigned before any official word, one curious Twitter user, @david-hampshire, asked: “Does anyone know anything about an explosion in Canary Wharf?”

Another, @blackpigsweets tweeted: “Hope friends (and everyone for that fact) down in Canary wharf are safe - reports of huge “explosion sound blast” alongside various sirens.”

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But they were soon reassured after police confirmed the explosion had been planned.

One user, @omcmahon22 tweeted: “The explosion at Canary Wharf was a controlled explosion after finding a bomb shell from time ago, calm down peeps.”

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