Council leader Rahman going round in circles with all his spin

Dear Ed, TOWER Hamlets council leader Lutfur Rahman must be going round in circles for all the spinning he’s been doing. His defence of East End Lies’ (council’s newspaper) was pitiful to say the least

Dear Ed,

TOWER Hamlets council leader Lutfur Rahman must be going round in circles for all the spinning he's been doing in recent weeks. In true Labour style, we were once again treated last week to another round of 'I'm always right' and 'don't disagree with me'! (East London Advertiser letters, August 20).

His defence of 'East End Lies' (council's 'East End Life' newspaper) was pitiful to say the least. I'd had expected more from the wealthy lawyer.

He insists 'East End Lies' is not a Labour propaganda rag. Now, he knows that's not true, and knows that we know that's not true.

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But he is obliged to roll out that often-heard dispatch from the Town Hall. He states, "all council members are invited to contribute." When exactly was the last time he invited Opposition councillors to contribute to 'East End Lies'? This man even has his own column, and still they insist the paper is not party political!

He showed his true commitment to the Labour party by taking in five Respect defectors, and then giving them cushy positions. Let us not forget that this is the man who cost one of the poorest borough's in the country �400,000 for ex-Chief Executive Martin Smith's departure.

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Now that the Labour group has been placed under special measures and each an every Labour councillor has to be re-selected to fight for their seat, I would advise Cllr Rahman to tread softly in future-or he could end up without the party's backing.

His complete withdrawn from public life in Tower Hamlets would, I fear, be asking too much, given that he has spent considerable time on the ever-expanding gravy train that is Labour politics in Tower Hamlets.

Matthew Vaughan

6 Caledonian Wharf, Cubitt Town, Isle of Dogs

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