Guilty: Ahmed brothers preying on women at night in Shoreditch including kidnap and rape

Jailed rapist Nazmul Ahmed (left), described by a judge as a "ruthless and callous sex predator", an

Jailed rapist Nazmul Ahmed (left), described by a judge as a "ruthless and callous sex predator", and older brother Selim who waits to be sentenced. Picture: Met Police - Credit: MPS

Two brothers who preyed on lone woman on nights out in bars around Shoreditch and the West End have been found guilty in court of offences between them that include rape and kidnap.

Nazmul Ahmed, 26, was jailed for 16 years on Friday and remains on the sex offenders register for life for rape, assault by penetration, theft, fraud and money laundering.

The judge called him a “predator” and “ruthless and callous serial sex offender”.

A woman in her 20s leaving a bar in Shoreditch accepted a lift home from Ahmed in March last year, but fell asleep in the car and woke to find him assaulting her. She later found he had taken money from her bank account.

Police identified Ahmed through CCTV and linked him to other attacks on women. He was arrested the next day at his home at Cromer Street near King’s Cross.

Ahmed’s older brother Selim, 32, living at the same address, was also involved in the spate of attacks. He was found guilty by a jury in a separate trial last month of kidnap and sexual assault and is being sentenced on May 22. He denied the charges, but admitted to using a bank card stolen by his brother.

Selim had attacked a woman in her 20s who had been waiting for a bus at night in Great Eastern Street in January last year, pretending to be a cab driver who could take her home—but instead molested her and tried getting cash from her account.

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“These brothers are predatory offenders,” Det Insp Louise Caveen said. “They targeted vulnerable women for sexual assault and defrauded them.

“We were able to link the brothers to this behaviour, which they continued to deny in the face of overwhelming evidence.”

Nazmul, the younger brother, was linked to two attacks including a woman in her 20s he raped who woke up after a night out and found herself alone in a hotel room.

Her phone and bank cards were missing and she later found £3,000 had been syphoned from her account.

Nazmul was identified by police as the rapist who also withdrew the cash. The trail of offences led detectives to his older brother.

Four women have given evidence against the Ahmed brothers, but detectives still hope other victims, if there are any, would come forward.