Armed police raid in Bow shocks neighbours

Armed police have raided a housing block in Old Ford Road this morning and neighbours were shocked to hear an explosion when officers blew in a front door.

Around 40 officers, some carrying maching guns, reportedly stormed into Jossiline Court on Old Ford Road and close to St Stephen’s Road at around 10am.

The first neighbours knew of it was a loud bang as officers made their way into one flat within the block.

Anthony Stock, 56, lives above the flat in question but was outside the building at the time of the raid.

He said: “I’m still waiting for my body to come back inside my skin.

“Everyone heard the explosion and then came out to see what was happening.

“I have to admit I panicked and ducked down.”

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Mr Stock said the officers were dressed in plains clothes and were wearing masks and crash helmets.

He said he saw two men being taken from the flat by police and believed that five men, two of whom are in their 50s and said to be Asian, had been living there for the last four or five weeks.

The Met Police were unable to provide any further details on the raid at this time.