Ban ‘super strength’ lager to stop yobs, police urge East End off-licences

Liquor stores in neighbourhoods hit by binge drinking in the streets in London’s crime-ridden East End are being urged to remove ‘super strength’ lager from their shelves.

The aim is to “remove the source” that fuels street crime and marauding yobs.

Off licences around Brick Lane and Whitechapel are being targeted as part of a police and local authority pilot scheme to reduce alcohol-related anti-social behaviour.

The move comes as part of a campaign launched this month by The Met and Tower Hamlets Council to tackle root causes of street crime.

“This campaign highlights the dangers of super strength lagers,” said Tower Hamlets deputy mayor Ohid Ahmed. “We are urging retailers to sign up to a voluntary agreement that they will not sell these products.”

Super strength lagers above 6.5 per cent volume are strongly linked to yob behaviour and alcohol-related crime, it is stressed.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman said: “One of London’s most vibrant and diverse communities is sometimes blighted by street drinkers and people begging for money to spend on alcohol and drugs.”

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A single 500ml can of nine per cent lager contains four and half units of alcohol, the authority points out, which exceeds government recommended daily amount for both men and women.