Battered Stepney man in recovery

THESE are the horrific photos of a Stepney man left battered and bruised for failing to observe Ramadan, it is believed.

Monzur Rahman was left with a broken arm, damaged eye and lying unconscious in the street after the violent attack earlier this month.

The 39-year-old atheist claims he was brutally set upon by a pack of youths for failing to observe Ramadan.

Arif Raham, a friend of Monzur (who speaks little English), relayed to the Advertiser his terrifying story.

He said Monzur had been chatting with a friend who was drinking during Ramadan.

He claims he was then approached by a group of around ten young men who asked him why he wasn’t observing Ramadan. When he replied that he was an atheist they are believed to have chased him to nearby Walburgh Street, attacking him outside his home.

Monzur was reportedly battered until unconscious and later taken to the Royal London Hospital. His left arm was broken and metal bolts later put in.

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Tower Hamlets police have made no arrests and enquiries are ongoing.