Biggs: Boris Johnson’s policing cuts could compromise public safety

Cuts to the police budget could result in public safety being compromised, according to the London Assembly Member for the City and East London.

John Biggs, who was previously the leader of Tower Hamlets council, hit out at the budget cuts after Mayor of London Boris Johnson admitted during his question time slot last week that it would be difficult for him to maintain police numbers in the capital at 32,000.

Plans for a restructuring of the force are set to be opened up for public consultation in October, with the possibility of shared services between London boroughs to follow.

However, Mr Biggs criticised the Mayor’s plans and warned of the implications of reducing police numbers.

He said: “Ensuring public safety and access to police services for Londoners should be critical, especially at a time when robbery, burglary and sexual offences are rising.

“These changes will lead to the thin blue line becoming ever thinner. The riots last year showed us that we need enough officers for a range of situations to keep us all safe. The best way of doing that is to keep police numbers as high as possible.”