Bomb alert put out in London

A bomb warning has been put out in central London, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed.

The Met, City of London Police and transport officers have been told to be “highly vigilant” as the city is put under threat alert.

The force confirmed today that a wide range of overt and covert tactics are currently taking place across the capital.

Specific information about locations and times has not been released though.

The Mall and other central London streets were closed this morning.

According to the BBC, police received a coded bomb warning last night.

It is thought to be related to Irish dissident republicans.

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The threat level from Irish-related terrorism has not increased and remains at ‘substantial’, meaning there is a strong possibility of an attack.

It was raised last September from ‘moderate’ to the higher grading.

Londoners are being advised to go about their business as usual but are also encouraged to be vigilant.

Information about unusual or suspicious activity should go to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321.