Brick Lane anti-alcohol marcher flees to join Islamic State terror

Abu Rumaysah with a rifle and his 'newborn' Photo: Twitter

Abu Rumaysah with a rifle and his 'newborn' Photo: Twitter - Credit: Photograph: Twitter

An Islamist who marched in Brick Lane against the sale of alcohol is believed to have joined Islamic State terrorists in the Middle East.

Abu Rumaysah was an active Islamist in London

Abu Rumaysah was an active Islamist in London - Credit: Archant

Abu Rumaysah, 31, from Waltham Forest, organised the march in December last year with hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who told Muslim off-licences and restaurants that sell alcohol to “fear Allah”.

Now, a photograph of Rumaysah has emerged showing him holding a rifle and a “newborn” baby, apparently in Iraq or Syria.

He is believed to have skipped bail while being investigated by Scotland Yard for alleged terrorism offences.

In a tweet on November 24, Rumaysah, whose real name is Siddhartha Dhar, boasted of how easy it was to elude security services and make the trip.

He said: “What a shoddy security system Britain must have to allow me to breeze through Europe to the Islamic State.”

Rumaysah has long been an active member of Choudary’s group, which has been banned by the British governent under several names, including Al Gurabba, Al Muhajiroun and Shariah Project.

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Speaking to the Advertiser in December 2013, Rumaysah said: “There’s a lot of problems in the area [Tower Hamlets] like anti-social behaviour caused by drinking and a lot of the Muslims are involved in selling alcohol in their shops.

“The one who is not a Muslim is already going to the hell fire.

“The one who drinks or sells alcohol ... God can forgive if he mends his ways.”

A study in 2012 by the Henry Jackson Society found 18 per cent of all Uk terrorism convictions over a 10 year period were of people with links to Choudary’s group.

Three men with such links were jailed in December for terrorising members of the public in the East End as part of what they called “Muslim Patrols”.

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