British Red Cross condemns fraudulent Japan Appeal emails

The British Red Cross has condemned attempts by fraudsters to scam money from the public through fake charity appeal emails for the Japan earthquake disaster claiming to be in its name.

The emails have been circulated purporting to be from the Red Cross directing people to make donations to a fake account.

Even the media has been targeted. Two scam emails arrived at the East London Advertiser with an attachment for donations asking the unwary for personal bank details—even mother’s maiden name.

The newspaper smelled a rat and contacted the charity’s HQ in Moorgate.

The emails direct people to a Moneybookers’ account, which is totally unrelated to the Red Cross appeal.

“The scam asks people to wire money to an account that claims to support Japan,” warned the charity’s head of fundraising Mark Astarita.

“This account has nothing to do with the British Red Cross Japan Appeal.

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“We never ask people to wire money—only donate through our official website or phone number.

“The British Red Cross condemns this attempted abuse of people’s good will—it beggars belief that anyone would try to profit from human suffering and deliberately take money away from those in need.”

The charity is investigating the fraud and has already made sure the fake account has been closed down.

Anyone wishing to donate securely to the Japan Earthquake appeal can call 0845-535353, or go online at:

Emails giving details other than these are fraudulent, the charity warns.