Police raid cannabis factory near Liverpool Street station: 2 arrests

Secret cannabis factory near Liverpool Street station

The secret cannabis factory discovered near Liverpool Street station - Credit: City of London Police

Police have raided an illicit cannabis factory behind Liverpool Street station where hundreds of plants were being cultivated in a basement. 

The secret operation was discovered in premises in the narrow Throgmorton Street, near Bishopsgate. 

Cannabis plants discovered in a basement

Arc lights were being used to cultivate these cannabis plants that City of London Police discovered in a basement - Credit: City of London Police

“We have made two arrests,” Det Inspector Andy Spooner revealed in a statement to the East London Advertiser.  “The factory no doubt was being set up with fewer people being out and about during the pandemic who might have noticed any unusual activity, but we actively police the Square Mile and are bearing down on any crime.” 

Throgmorton Street where secret cannabis factory was discovered

The narrow turning near Liverpool Street station where secret cannabis factory was discovered - Credit: Google

The discovery was made in the basement of commercial premises on January 13 after “a strong smell of cannabis” in the street above was reported to police, the Advertiser understands.  A warrant was obtained and a raid was carried out on January 14. 

Snapshots have since emerged of the 826 cannabis plants that were being cultivated. The factory has now been dismantled and destroyed.