Cannabis farm discovered in Isle of Dogs raid

The inside of a cannabis factory

The inside of a cannabis factory - Credit: Archant

A cannabis farm with £80,000 worth of plants was discovered in a flat on the Isle of Dogs during a police raid on Friday.

Officers exercised a search warrant following a tip off that the uninhabited flat had been converted to a cannabis den, with more than £5,000 worth of equipment used to grow the plants without soil seized.

They found every room in the flat had been converted to cultivate the drug, with the majority of the plants fully grown and ready to be harvested.

PC Mark Tildesley, of Blackwall and Cubitt Town safer neighbourhoods team, said, “Through timely intervention we have disrupted a gang growing a considerable amount of cannabis.

“We urge residents and businesses to contact us if they have suspicions about other properties.”

Police confirmed they were working with the agents who let the flat to identify those responsible for the farm.