Commendations for PCs who tackled knife attack man

A POLICE officer who battled a crazed man off his colleague as he was slashed at with a machete said he feared for both their lives.

PC Matthew Musson and his fellow officer on Tower Hamlets Response Team, Tirath Chand were handed bravery awards at a police commendation ceremony today for their bold actions in April last year.

PC Chand had chased the man up the stairwell of the block in Cable Street, Shadwell when he was stabbed in his shoulder and chest.

Luckily his stab-proof vest took most of the impact.

PC Musson rushed to the scene and grappled with the attacker, battling him to the ground.

He said: “I was using my baton but he had an incredibly high pain threshold.

“When he went to the floor he was still slashing at our ankles and legs.

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“There was blood all over the floor and I didn’t know if it’s was T’s blood or the guy’s. I was definitely fearful for our lives.”

The pair were patrolling in Tower Hamlets on April 26 when they responded to a call reporting a man had been stabbed in Shearsmith House.

They arrived to find the man in the foyer bleeding heavily from a wound to his tricep.

His frenzied attacker – who had lunged at him unprovoked - was being held behind a door to the stairwell by members of the public.

PC Musson gave the victim first aid while PC Chand rushed up the stairwell where the attacker had run.

The two officers were praised for their quick thinking at the Commissioner’s Commendations ceremony at New Scotland Yard.

Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin said: “These officers have showcased the Met’s commitment to being there for London by tackling extremely challenging scenarios head on.”

“We are immensely proud of them.”

The pair are also up for the The Sun’s 2011 Police Bravery Awards later this year.