Police in A406 North Circular ‘cash for crash’ scam probe seek man from east London

Man police want to trace thought to live in east London for investigations into road collisions on t

Man police want to trace thought to live in east London for investigations into road collisions on the A406 North Circular. Picture sources: Met Police (inset) and Google - Credit: MPS/Google

Detectives investigating an insurance ‘crash for cash’ scam have released an image of a man they are looking for they think might be living in east London.

They want to question him following three “deliberately induced collisions” involving innocent motorists.

Drivers are now being warned about the scam operating along the A406 North Circular Road where three collisions have been reported.

Detectives from the City of London’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement team are appealing to anyone who may recognise the man in the picture, believed to live in east or north-west London, to contact them.

“We are dedicated to tackling insurance fraud,” Det Con Kevin Carter said. “We work with the insurance industry to bring fraudsters to justice.”

One collision was reported on the North Circular between Ilford and Walthamstow, another in the Wembley-Willesden area. A third collision believed to have been staged was close to the North Circular on the A1 Great North Way near Brent Cross.

Police are advising motorists to keep a distance from other vehicles to reduce the risk of the driver in front deliberately slamming on the brakes, to be aware of a ‘tailgater’ behind who may be part of the scam by attempting to distract the target driver. Another ruse is non-functioning break lights as a ploy to trap unsuspecting motorists to hit the back of the scammer’s car pulling up at junctions.

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Motorists involved in a dodgy accident they suspect might have been deliberate are being advised to contact police as soon as possible and take pictures of vehicle damage.

Officers are urging anyone recognising the man pictured to contact City of London Police fraud office on 020-7164 8200, or email IFEDIntel@cityoflondon.pnn.police.uk, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555111.