Detectives’ work in capturing East End fire attack gang praised

A meticulous investigation by detectives to capture a gang who set a young man alight in a horrendous unprovoked attack was praised at a commendations event.

The probe led by DI Luke Marks was one of many recognised by senior officers at the Tower Hamlets Police honours ceremony on Friday.

His team’s work in identifying the three men responsible for the brutal attack in Mile End Park led to 30-year sentences for each.

In November 2009 Rizwan Ahmad was found beaten and badly burned after being sprayed with lighter fluid and set alight.

Officers were unable to question him as he spent a month in hospital fighting for his life but they gathered a complex run-down of the attack by piecing together CCTV images and gathering forensics.

They found out that the men had been stopped by officers on patrol just before the assault.

DI Marks said: “From the officers’ meticulous record keeping we were able to identify the males very quickly. We probably would have got there in the end because of the forensics but that can take months and the longer you leave it the less chances you have to recover other evidence.

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“I’ve never seen an attack of that voracity. We still don’t know why they chose to attack Rizwan. There was a concern that they might strike again.

“The result we got is testament to the local authority’s CCTV, the endeavours of the detectives and the help of the forensics team.”

The detectives were thanked personally by the trial judge for their exemplary investigation which backed up a compelling case against Jermaine Joseph, Shane Dedman, and Kieren Bruff.

Rizwan eventually recovered but has been left with life-altering injuries.

Dozens of other officers were praised at the ceremony at the Tower of London, including a pair who were mauled by dogs as they apprehended two robbers and a PCSO who captured a pair of moped thieves despite being driven at head on.