Drug addicts kick the habit with the help of East End council workers

TOWER Hamlets council’s Drug and Alcohol Action Team is among the top two performers in London for helping people kick the habit.

Last year it helped more than 1,500 Class A drug users into effective treatment, 17 per cent more than in 2007/08.

The council says that getting more people into rehab has also had a knock-on effect for re-offending, which has gone down by 42 per cent.

Rachael Sadegh, Joint Commissioning Manager for Tower Hamlets Council, said: “Our aim is to engage drug users in treatment as early as possible and deliver a range of interventions that are effective in helping them deal with their addiction and successfully reintegrate with the wider community.”

Unique treatment services have been set up, including an in-patient detox unit for Bengali people who, research says, are more likely to smoke Class A drugs, rather than inject them, and seek help earlier.

The council says improvements to the Drug Interventions Programme have helped re-offending levels decrease, as drug using offenders are required to engage in an assessment process and given structured help to get clean.

Anyone arrested for a ‘trigger’ offence, such as shop lifting or car theft, automatically gets drug tested.