Drug awareness week in Tower Hamlets next week to focus on treatment available

Education workshops, interactive displays and open days will next week form part of Tower Hamlets sixth annual Drug Awareness Week.

The event will feature activities for both residents and practitioners with the aim of raising awareness of the dangers of drugs, while highlighting the range of free treatment available in the borough.

A main event will target Somali residents to raise awareness of drug and alcohol issues, including the impact of khat, the chewing of a plant native to Africa. This event at Brady Arts and Community Centre on Hanbury Street, Spitalfileds, next Tuesday (July 3), from 11am to 3pm, will feature speakers and information stalls.

Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman said: “Tackling drug misuse and the anti-social behaviour that often comes with it is a key concern for residents. The various activities will be used to show people the level of support out there for anybody who wants to work towards recovery in order to lead a healthy life.”

The awareness week is organised by the council’s Drug and Alcohol Action Team.

The Metropolitan Police will also be carrying out enforcement patrols and intelligence-led operations during the week.

Tower Hamlets chief superintendent David Stringer said: “The event ensures we can work with the council to raise awareness of the extent of help available via drug support services in the borough.”