East End Cash Converters join cops in stolen goods target

POLICE are working with a Cash Converters to help them detect stolen goods that thieves try to offload.

Enfield Police visited staff at the Bethnal Green Road store as part of their cross-borough initiative.

Store staff and officers will share information about goods which be also be made available to Tower Hamlets police.

It is thought criminals are using the cash-for-goods business to get rid of property stolen from burglaries and robberies.

Cash Converters uses an identification policy requiring all its customers to provide up-to-date ID.

The store also logs all transactions so those deemed suspicious can be referred to the police.

Simon Hare, area manager of Cash Converters, said: “This provides a clear, two-way communication between the police and the store.

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“We certainly do not want stolen property brought into our stores and we are pleased to be working with Enfield Police to deter criminals from trying to pass them on.”