East End mum’s desperate plea: help find David Cauchi-Lechmere’s killers

�A devastated mother this week made a heartfelt plea for witnesses – more than two years after her 20-year-old son was stabbed to death.

Speaking publicly for the first time, distraught Linda Higgins, 61, says her life was shattered the night son David Cauchi-Lechmere was set upon by a gang of youths and stabbed four times in the chest, on July 11, 2009.

More than two years later Linda, of Bow, is still no closer to bringing David’s killers to justice after nine young men from Beckton were cleared of his murder in March this year.

Her home is now a tragic shrine to her slain son, with every spare shelf and wall adorned with his photo.


Wiping away tears she revealed David died just months before his child was due to be born. One month after his death, David’s girlfriend miscarried in another heartbreaking blow to the family.

She told the Advertiser: “This has torn us apart. I haven’t got a life anymore. My life is about finding who did this to David and bringing them to justice.

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“I’m on my hands and knees begging – if you saw anything, even if you’ve said it before, say it again. It may seem small to us, but to the police it could be huge.”

David had been at a party in Henry Addlington Close, Beckton, when violence broke out over ordered mini cabs.

A local gang were chased away but later returned, attacking defenceless David with knives, garden shears, sticks, an axe and a bike frame.

The former Bow Boys School pupil underwent emergency surgery but died later that day.

Linda said: “When the nurse came out I said: ‘you’re not going to give me good news are you?’ She said: ‘no.’ That’s when I just turned away and ran.”

Nine men were acquitted of murder at the Old Bailey. However, seven of them were jailed for violent disorder.

Call 020 8345 4056 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.