East Enders have more confidence in police, Met say

THE number of East Enders that believe the police and Tower Hamlets council are doing a good job to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour has more than doubled this year, according to figures released by The Met.

Figures from the latest Metropolitan Police Service’s Public Attitude Survey show that 65 per cent of residents believe that the police and council are dealing with the crime, up from 30 per cent in July 2008-June 2009.

The research also says that 65 per cent of East Enders agree that the police and council seek people’s views on crime and antisocial behaviour, compared to 38 per cent the previous year.

Tower Hamlets police’s Supt Mark Wolski said: “The police and Tower Hamlets council are working together to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

“Already this financial year we’re achieving reductions across a range of different crimes including burglary, down nearly 16 per cent, robbery, down nearly two per cent and serious youth violence down more than 17 per cent.

“This partnership has the energy and commitment to continue to succeed and improve in how we serve our community” Tower Hamlets council’s community safety leader Cllr Abdal Ullah said: “We know that feeling safe is a key concern for residents and that is why it’s a priority for the council.

“We’re working closely with the police and other partners to tackle anti-social behaviour and help make residents feel safer.

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“We’ve introduced the Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers, and over the last few months we’ve set up a number of new crime-fighting initiatives through the Tower Hamlets Safer Together campaign.

“They have seen an increase in high-visibility patrols across the borough to help reassure residents and tackle antisocial behaviour.”

THEOs were introduced by the council in November last year to tackle antisocial behaviour and help make residents feel safer.

The team of 16 THEOs spend more than 1,500 hours a month patrolling the streets of Tower Hamlets. Armed with overt body CCTV cameras, the council says their high-visibility presence helps to reassure residents and deter trouble-makers.

Working closely with the police, they have powers under the Police Reform Act to seize alcohol and tobacco and request the name of a person acting in an antisocial manner.