Engineer rescues boy, 13, from knife attacker in Bow

Engineer Aran Osman, who was driving his van to work when he saw a teenager being followed by a boy

Engineer Aran Osman, who was driving his van to work when he saw a teenager being followed by a boy with a knife. Picture: British Gas - Credit: Archant

An engineer has been recognised for his bravery after rescuing a 13-year-old from a vicious knife attack in Bow.

Aran Osman was driving to work when he saw a boy approaching a bus off Bow Road, followed by another boy who was pulling out a large knife.

The teenager ran across the road to escape, so Aran drove his van between them to create a barrier.

The 38-year-old British Gas engineer shouted to the attacker to put down his knife, and alerted him to the cameras on his van.

The attacker ignored Aran and ran around the van. The victim believed he was trying to steal his phone.

Aran tried to stop the attacker again by moving his van across the pavement, but he couldn’t stop him reaching the boy. The attacker hit the teenager repeatedly on the head.

Aran used his door to separate the two, and the victim, who was bleeding from the head and neck, was helped into the van through the passenger door.

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The man with the knife started banging on the passenger window, and when Aran drove the boy to his home nearby, the attacker followed them. He came out from some nearby flats, but police, and two of Aran’s colleagues, helped frighten him away.

Police were then able to give the teenager first aid.

Aran said: “When I saw the boy my instinct kicked in and I knew that I had to help.

“Everyone was watching what was going on and some were even filming it on their phone, but nobody was doing anything to help. It was the right thing to do and I’m glad that I could help.”

Aran’s manager, Jon Vanns, contacted the Royal Humane Society, who presented him with a commendation for his bravery last week.

He said: “We’re all very proud of Aran.

“There were a few people in the area that did nothing and I have no doubt Aran’s actions have saved a life.”

Andrew Chapman, chief executive of the society, said: “He put himself in considerable danger to save the life of a complete stranger when he could so easily have driven by.

“In doing so he displayed courage and compassion, and rightly deserves his award.”