Fourteen arrested in police drug raids in Tower Hamlets today

At least thirteen people have been arrested in Tower Hamlets today during a police raid aimed at cracking down on drugs, the handling of stolen goods and other crimes.

Fourteen warrants were executed across the borough from the early hours of this morning, as part of Operation Target, and sniffer dogs trained to locate drugs were brought in to help officers.

One raid saw eight warrants executed simultaneously at a communal lodging on Whitechapel Road. Thirty police officers had been briefed at Bethnal Green Police Station before driving in convey to the venue and parking out of sight.

Led by Sgt Steve Martin the officers gained entry without the need for a forced entry.

The operation received funding from Tower Hamlets Council, as part of the ‘Dealer a Day’ programme, under which the police commit to arresting 365 drug dealers a year.

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