Gang crackdown sees man arrested for armed robbery

A police crackdown on east London gangs led to the arrest of a man wanted for a string of armed robberies.

Tower Hamlets Partnership Task Force officers were joined by the Metropolitan Police Central Gangs unit - Trident - during the anti-gang operation.

Automatic number plate readers and car stopchecks led to a Ford Focus being pulled over by police on the Highway in the East End of London.

As a result of further investigations a passenger in the car was arrested for crimes committed in South London.

An investigation into the armed robberies is continuing.

Partnership Task Force leader Detective Inspector Henry Akhigbe PTF said: ”This is an excellent piece of proactive policing and should reassure the public that the police will pursue violent offenders and bring them to justice.

“My team are dedicated to preserving public safety and lead the fight against gangs in Tower Hamlets.”

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Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman also welcomed the operation which took place on November 21.

“Community Safety is one of my top priorities and this success shows that my investment is making a tangible difference in keeping our streets safer,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Ohid Ahmed, said: “Our new team of officers is sending a strong message that we will not tolerate crime and anti-social behaviour in the borough, and is helping to ensure a good quality of life for residents.

“I know crime and anti-social behaviour remain key issues, and I want to give residents the opportunity to talk to me directly about their concerns.

“That is why I am in the process of visiting every ward in the borough, alongside our police partners, as part of the second round of community safety walkabouts.”

The Partnership Taskforce is made up of 34 police officers funded by the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, and six officers funded by the police.