Gang members given Christmas card ‘warning’ by police

Police are spreading the festive spirit by delivering Christmas cards warning suspected gang members to behave themselves during the holidays.

More than 200 Christmas cards have been pushed through the letter boxes of suspected gangsters in Tower Hamlets urging them to “desist from criminality” over the festive period.

Alongside the season’s greetings, the cards give details of new laws clamping down on gang crime and knives and tougher prison sentences for those caught brandishing knives.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Warnett said the “tough approach” was justified to help protect the public.

“This is no more than a means of crime prevention by targeting suspects rather than victims”, he added.

“Knife crime and all forms of anti-social behaviour, serious youth violence damage communities, destroy lives, cause pain, and rob families of hope. We have a duty to the public to take a tough approach.”

The cards also include details of where those people targeted can find help to move away from a life of crime and find employment or training.

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