Group playing dominoes are toppled with fines for breaching Tier 4 in raid on Whitechapel restaurant

Restaurant owner confronted by police in Tier 4 raid

Restaurant owner confronted by police in Tier 4 raid on Whitechapel premises - Credit: Met Police

A group of people said to be in  breach of Tier 4 emergency restrictions have been given on-the-spot police fines in a raid on a Whitechapel restaurant. 

They had gathered to play games such as dominoes, Scotland Yard revealed last night (Jan 3). 

12 caught gathered in restaurant get police fines

12 caught gathered in Whitechapel restaurant get police fines - Credit: Met Police

Officers from the Met’s Central East command covering Tower Hamlets and neighbouring Hackney arrived at the restaurant in Whitechapel Road on December 29, it has emerged. 

The restaurant owner was reported to have claimed that the only people on the premises were workers. 

Police body cam catches people breaching Tier 4

Caught... police body cam shows people breaching Tier 4 in Whitechapel restaurant - Credit: Met Police

But the officers found the 12 people in a dark room who appeared to have gathered to play games. 

“These people hiding from officers clearly shows they knew they were breaching the rules,” Chief Insp Pete Shaw said. “The rules under Tier 4 do not exempt people from gathering to play games in basements.” 

The 12 found in the restaurant were issued Fixed Penalty notices while Tower Hamlets Council has now been advised by police about the restaurant owner “for consideration of a fine,” according to Scotland Yard.