Hate crime prosecution training for East End magistrates

MAGISTRATES in Tower Hamlets have received special training to help increase the rate of prosecution against hate crime offenders.

Around 30 magistrates from Thames Magistrates’ Court attended a hate crime awareness raising training last week.

The training, the first of its kind in the borough, was organised by Thames Magistrates Court following the recommendations of a consultation commissioned by Tower Hamlets council.

Jenny Ershad, Legal Adviser for Thames Magistrates’ Court in Bow and partner of the Tower Hamlets No Place for Hate Forum said: “At Thames Magistrates’ Court, we’re committed to ensuring justice wherever possible. We’re keen to see hate crime being taken seriously and we’ll use every deterrent measure available to send a clear message to offenders of hate that Tower Hamlets is No Place for Hate.”

Menara Ahmed, Hate Crime Policy and Partnership Manager at Tower Hamlets Council, said: “It’s crucial to raise awareness of hate crime and ensure everybody takes responsibility to tackle hate crime. The training for magistrates will no doubt go a long way towards our vision of ensuring justice for victims of hate.”

The training included guest speaker Doreen Lawrence, mother of Stephen Lawrence, who spoke about racism and the murder of her son. Jamie Robertson of SCOPE also spoke at the event to raise awareness of hate crimes against disabled people.

Tower Hamlets council’s No Place for Hate pledge has been signed by more than 1,000 people, including Hollywood stars Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Helen Mirren.

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To sign the No Place for Hate pledge, or find out more about hate crime visit www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/hatecrime or call 020 7364 6120.

To report hate crime call the 24 hour hate crime reporting line on 0800 138 0521.