HSBC worker’s benefit fraud scam

AN HSBC graphic designer has been spared jail after deceptively claiming benefits despite earning over �30,000 a year.

Jennie Gray, 32, who worked for HSBC Investments in Canary Wharf before her job was outsourced to Williams Lea Facilities, deceptively claimed almost �10,000 despite being in full-time employment.

Gray, of Sutton, claimed incapacity, housing and council tax benefits over 16 months despite the fact she was earning �16 an hour in her job.

She was caught after an anonymous tip-off led Sutton Council’s officers to launch an investigation.

Gray, of Sutton Court Road, Sutton, was ordered to carry out 200 hours of community service after admitting two counts of benefit fraud. She will also have to pay back all the money but has not started to do so yet.

When caught, she denied working, then she said she was working part-time before finally admitting to having a full-time position.