Husband jailed for repeatedly raping wife in Tower Hamlets

A man was jailed for 13 years at Snaresbrook Crown Court, shown here, for raping his wife. Picture:

A man was jailed for 13 years at Snaresbrook Crown Court, shown here, for raping his wife. Picture: John Stillwell/PA - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

A husband has been jailed for 13 years after he admitted repeatedly raping his wife.

The 26-year-old, from Tower Hamlets, was sent down for four offences of rape by the judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday.

It emerged in court he had filmed one of the attacks on his wife’s mobile phone and in his arrogance gave it back to her, believing she would not speak out. At times he also used tied her hands with cable ties.

Neither the victim or her husband of seven years can be named under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, which forbids the identification of a sex offence victim or anything that would lead to their identification.

For the same reason, police would not reveal the area of Tower Hamlets the couple had lived in.

In a statement following the sentencing the woman said she hoped to “move on” and “rebuild my life”. She also encouraged anyone in her position to come forward and tell police or others about it, adding: “You will be supported”.

Det Sarg Jane Topping praised the victim in coming forward to report the crimes against her.

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She said: “These crimes often go unreported and we applaud the bravery of the victim for speaking out. Such was her determination that the suspect had no choice but to plead guilty.

“I hope the sentence handed down will not only encourage other victims to come forward, but also act as a deterrent to those who believe it is acceptable to commit these crimes within a marriage.”

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