Illegally imported food incinerated by Tower Hamlets council

SEVENTY kilograms of illegally imported food has been seized by Tower Hamlets council.

Checks have been carried out on the origins of any fish, dairy and meat products that were imported into the borough from outside the European Union.

Illegally imported food, that had not undergone hygiene and veterinary checks, was seized. The food products included dried fish, dried milk powder and butter ghee.

Those responsible for the food products were given the opportunity to provide evidence to show that the goods had met rules for commercial importation of animal products.

A number of traders were unable to produce the appropriate documents. This resulted in 70 kilograms of food being seized and sent for incineration – those responsible will be billed to cover the cost of destruction.

Cllr Shahed Ali, lead member for the environment at Tower Hamlets council, said: “No one likes to see food wasted, but when it comes to the health and well-being of residents the council takes the matter of food safety extremely seriously.

“Hygiene and veterinary checks are there for a reason, we want to make sure that traders in the borough stock food that is safe for people to eat and not of dubious origins.”

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For advice on food safety contact Tower Hamlets council on or call 0207 364 5008.