Jack the Ripper files censored by police

Files containing never before seen information on Jack the Ripper suspects are being censored by police.

Officers are arguing that releasing the information, which is more than 120 years old, could threaten national security.

The true identity of the killer, who in 1888 went on a rampage, slitting the throats of Whitechapel prostitutes before mutilating them, has never been uncovered.

Four new Jack the Ripper suspects are said to be included in the files.

Police say the documents also contain the names of long-dead Victorian supergrasses and argue that making these public could stop future informants coming forward.

According to a national newspaper, Det Supt Julian McKinney, head of Covert Operations at the Met, said: “An informant today, if they know in 100 years their �identity will be given over, may not wish to co-operate with us.”

Retired murder detective Trevor Marriott has launched a legal fight to force the police to release them.

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He branded it “absurd” to censor the documents, adding: “They are some of the most interesting records on the case I’ve come across.”

The former officer, who has written books on the Ripper, found out about the files while during his research.