Judge runs out of time to sentence companies for safety breaches leading to London Triathlon bike death

A judge was unable to pass sentence on two companies who admitted safety breaches leading to the death of an East End pensioner today because he ran out of time.

Jain Ulla, 66, died after he was bit by a bicycle as he crossed the track under the supervision of stewards during the London Triathlon in 2009.

Half a day had been set aside for the sentencing of race organisers IMG and subcontractor At Your Service but Judge Timothy Lamb QC has to abandon proceedings after the allocated time was used up by the reading of statements by prosecutors and mitigators.

Judge Lamb said: “We were allocated half a day we’ve already used that. I’ll study the case in detail this evening.”

He added that the court would get in touch with all parties to agree a date for the sentencing to take place and indicated that the events company could face a fine in excess of �100,000.

IMG had pleaded guilty to health and safety breaches during the event in 2009 when Mr Ullah 66, father of Tower Hamlets councillor Abdal Ullah, died after being hit by a bicycle during the race.

The father of six was crossing the Highway in Wapping under the supervision of stewards employed by At Your Service when he was struck.

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Prosecutor Andrew Bird, on behalf of Tower Hamlets Council, criticised IMG for failing to install road barriers and ensuring stewards were adequately trained.

He said: “There were simple and inexpensive measures that could have been put in place such as installing a rope as a barrier.”

Defence barrister for IMG Adrian Darbishire said the company had relied expert advice from Traffico, which he called the leader in its field.

He said: “But IMG accepts that it should have supervised and scrutinised procedures better.”

After the hearing Cllr Ullah said: I’m disappointed that sentence was not passed today but I’ve waited two and a half years so I can wait another day, week or month.”