Police on horseback chase knifeman in Bow

Police Horse Judge

Police horse Judge adnd his rider Pc Edward Bromilow chased the suspect - Credit: Met Police

A knife has been recovered after it was discarded by a suspect being chased by police on horseback in Bow.

Two officers from the Met's Mounted Branch, in the Taskforce Command, were out on patrol on Wednesday, December 30 when they noticed two men acting suspiciously in an alleyway near Lawrence Close.

As they approached the officers noticed the men smelt of cannabis. The officers were about to speak to them when one of the men, who was on a bicycle, turned around and quickly rode off.

Knife found discarded after police chase

The knife which was thrown away during the chase. - Credit: Met Police

He was pursued by Pcs Edward Bromilow and Adam Wickens on their police horses Judge and "Penny" Pendleton.

The cyclist escaped after riding through a narrow pathway with a low roof on an estate, which the officers and their horses were unable to enter. 

Shortly afterwards, a member of the public approached the officers to say he had seen the man discarding an item into a bush.

A search was conducted and a large knife retrieved.

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Pc Bromilow said: "Judge and Penny have helped remove a knife from the streets that might otherwise have been used to inflict serious harm on someone. We're very proud of them and everything they do to help keep Londoners safe.

Police Horse Pendleton

Police horse Penny - Credit: Met Police

"We're also very grateful to the member of the public who approached us to tell us about the discarded weapon. It is imperative that police and communities work together to tackle violence and knife crime and this gentleman's actions are an example of how well that can work. We have offered him a tour of the stables as a 'thank you'."