Lamar Stewart murder: Salman Ahmed jailed for life for stabbing innocent man in Bow

Salman Ahmed has been jailed for life today. Picture: Met Police

Salman Ahmed has been jailed for life today. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Met Police

An “extremely violent” man who murdered an innocent party-goer in a revenge attack in Bow has been jailed for life today.

Lamar Stewart Picture: Met Police

Lamar Stewart Picture: Met Police - Credit: Met Police

At the Old Bailey today, Salman Ahmed, of no fixed address, was sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years for the murder of 21-year-old Lamar Stewart.

Ahmed, 23, appeared to show no remorse as the judge handed him his sentence, in front of Lamar’s parents, twin sister and grandmother.

The two men had been seperately attending a birthday party in Ropery Street on September 30 when the attack took place.

After becoming drunk, Ahmed got into a fight with two men and was asked to leave.

The fight spilled out into the street, and when it broke up, Ahmed realised he was bleeding from both buttocks. Thinking he had been stabbed, he returned to the party with a group of males to find the person responsible.

They targeted Lamar, who was sitting outside with friends. The judge said there was no evidence that Lamar had been involved in the earlier fight.

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Lamar tried to escape, and after being chased up the street, was stabbed in the leg and back. Police arrived within minutes, but Lamar died just over two hours later, at 4.53am, from internal bleeding.

Ahmed was arrested just over two months later and charged with murder. He was found guilty on Monday and today given a life sentence with a minimum tariff of 22 years.

Judge Grieve QC said: “Your actions have brought mental and emotional pain to members of Lamar’s family. They will have to endure it for the rest of their lives.

“Lamar was an exceptionally popular, kind and loving young man with huge promise. His untimely passing was an unneccessary tragedy.”

Lamar, from Mitcham, was an NHS worker, who shortly before his death, had just received a promotion. He was described as a bright but shy young man.

On the night of the party, the court heard how Lamar had told his twin sister, Lashawna, how excited he was, and had bought new trainers especially.

In a statement read to the court, Lashawna said: “I have been struggling to understand why someone would want to hurt a soul like Lamar’s – a soul so pure, genuine, kind and loving.

“I don’t know when, how or if I will ever heal. I feel empty and lost.”