Liverpool Street jewel thief caught after leaving ‘selfie’ in store raid

A serial thief who stole a £4,500 ring from a jewellery store at Liverpool Street station has been jailed after leaving his ‘selfie’ in one of his 47 raids across London.

Germain Fofana, 27, has been locked up for of five-and-a-half years for thefts from 10 London stores totalling £120,000 and five burglaries.

He also asked for 32 other thefts and burglaries to be considered when he appeared at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday.

He was caught after leaving a mobile phone behind in his haste to escape in one raid—which had his picture saved as the screensaver. Police issued the snapshot which led to his arrest in July.

Fofana walked into jewellery stores posing as a customer, then fled with goods. He also stole from hotels and hostels including Baden Powell House, the international Scouts’ HQ in Kensington.