Man held in police cyber raids at Bethnal Green into bank hacking

Detectives investigating hacking into people’s bank accounts and stealing cash have raided three addresses in London’s East End.

Specialist officers from Scotland Yard’s new Cyber Crime Unit set up last month arrested a 29-year-old man at one address in Bethnal Green at 7.30am yesterday. The man was later detained at a police station.

Officers seized items including computers, documents and cash at the addresses.

The raids follow investigations into unlawfully compromising online bank accounts, fraudulently transferring cash and money laundering.

An ongoing investigation is looking into cyber crimes such as a sophisticated telephone technique known as “voice phishing” or “vishing” where unsuspecting victims are called by a bogus bank official with a plausible trick to dupe them into revealing or confirming online banking information such as passwords—which are then used to get into their accounts.

Now police are putting out warnings to the public to beware of phone calls from anyone asking for personal bank details.

“I urge people to take great care when supplying details online or over the telephone,” the Cyber Crime Unit’s Det Insp Colin Wetherill said.

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“We are collaborating with law enforcement agencies in Britain and abroad to bring offenders to justice.”

The Met’s Cyber Crime Unit was set up in October to get to grips with growing internet crime which is hitting more and more people and businesses. It provides specialist response when cyber attacks are detected such as hacking, malware, phishing and distributing denials of service attacks.

The safest way to deal with online banking is to log into the site directly through the on-screen address bar marked by the “https” prefix, the Met advises. This ensures a safe connection where personal details are requested.

Police are also working with the financial services industry including agencies like Financial Fraud Action UK to tackle cyber crime.