Man jailed for Stansted Express ticket fraud using stolen credit card details

A man who bought �6,000-worth of rail tickets for the Standsted Express using the stolen credit card details of Americans has been jailed for eight weeks.

Maxim Sidorovich was stopped by British Transport Police at Liverpool Street station trying to sell tickets that weren’t in his name.

He was arrested, then officers searching his home in Smithy Street, Whitechapel, found several lap-top computers which had been used in a fraud to buy tickets online with the credit details.

Pol Sgt Emma Weir said: “He had eight tickets on him, all bought fraudulently using the credit card information of four US citizens.

“Investigations with the banks of the Americans revealed more tickets amounting to nearly $10,000 had been purchased—all return tickets for the Liverpool Street-Stansted Express.”

Police also found records of Sidorovich on Facebook telling a friend about selling tickets and admitting knowing it was wrong.

Sidorovich, 22, admitted fraud by false representation when he appeared at Blackfrairs crown court on April 24. A separate charge of conspiracy to commit fraud was ordered to remain on file.